Corporate Development and Strategic Consulting for Technology Companies

Through a network of seasoned executives and associates, our team of skilled professionals provides creative solutions to help business owners and shareholders maximize value.

When we take on an engagement, we become "partners" with our clients, putting ourselves in the client’s shoes, to help make the best decisions for the business. Our client base is built on trust, with most of our work coming from referrals. Thus, our individual reputations are on the line in every engagement. We also value enduring relationships with our clients. Our goal is to become trusted business advisors by adding value in each of our business relationships.

We are a small firm, and we like it that way. It lets us take a very personal view of each client’s needs. When you engage BBI to assist your company, you work directly and extensively with the partners and key principals throughout the engagement.

Even though we are a relatively small firm, our clients benefit from capabilities that are usually available only in much larger firms. Our extensive business network opens doors for our clients, and gives them access to both specialized expertise and high-level contacts in a variety of market segments.

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